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Travel Europe Germany Baden - Baden - an elegant resort any time of year

Baden - Baden - an elegant resort any time of year

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Baden-Baden is one of the most beautiful and elegant spas in Europe. Located in Germany, in the Black Forest, on the banks of the Oos River, Baden-Baden is a region appreciated since the Roman Empire due to its thermal springs.

Tourist attractions in Baden-Baden resort

Resort of Baden-Baden is an attractive destination throughout the year. Couples in love can choose the resort for a romantic vacation. For that it is recommended candlelit dinner in an elegant restaurant and a stroll through the gardens Kurhaus.

Wine lovers can visit a traditional wine cellar in the land of wine, Rebland. Another favorite activity of those who spend their vacation here is the horse races.

Besides its thermal springs, Baden-Baden has many historical monuments and hosts cultural events throughout the year.

Kurhaus is one of the most beautiful buildings in Baden-Baden. Built in the first half of the nineteenth century Kurhaus is a Belle Epoque style building, which hosts various events such as dances and concerts.

Casino Baden-Baden has existed for over 250 years and is a favorite meeting place of the aristocracy. Its interiors are extravagant and luxurious services in Baden-Baden one of the most elegant buildings of the resort spa.

The resort has several castles and churches worth a visit. Altes Schloss Castle, for example, is a historical monument dating from 1102. Those who climb to the top can enjoy a great view over the Rhine Valley, the resort Baden-Baden and the Black Forest.

How much cost for a holiday in Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden is an affordable vacation destination. The resort offers its guests luxury hotels, apartments, guest rooms and even hostels. From a 3-star hotel, a double room costs from € 25 per night, and the category 4 star room costs 45 euro per night.

Holidays, Baden-Baden is an attractive destination in terms of prices. So a New Year mini holiday 3 nights cost 185 euro per person. Price provides accommodation with breakfast in a 4 star resort.