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Travel Europe Germany A glassy view of Bonn - Deutsche Post Tower

A glassy view of Bonn - Deutsche Post Tower

Bonn, Germany, Deutsche Post Tower overview

The Deutsche Post Tower in Bonn was designed by Murphy/Jahn and since 2003 a striking feature of the skyline of this German city. The design, the architect worked closely with lighting artist Yann Kersale. The modern design of the 63 meters high tower, the new headquarters of Deutsche Post, has contributed to the development of the postal service into a dynamic communications company, it shows that Deutsche Post with the times and pursue a new office and a new name (Deutsche Post World Net) aimed at the 21 century. The Deutsche Post Tower is primarily an office tower, but also offers space for conference rooms, restaurants and bookstores.

The office tower consists of two semi-elliptical segments, between which is a central open space. The segments are each one ninth of the 45 story linked. Fully top are a number of floors that connect two segments completely cover and open space. Because the two half ellipses slightly shifted relative to each other, emphasizes that they are largely independent of each other. This image is reinforced by the main walls that protrude beyond the base of the tower. This not only provides a special silhouette, but reduced the strength of the wind on the tower.
The skeleton of the tower is of reinforced concrete. Glass is the most important building part of the Deutsche Post Tower. Throughout the building there is glass on both the exterior and the interior. The glass curtain wall allows natural light well and frequently to penetrate into the tower. In the interior is ensured transparency and openness. The offices of the Deutsche Post Tower are often separated by glass walls and sliding doors. In addition, the air gardens glass floors in the building and the escape routes fire resistant glass. All glass used is white, has a higher transparency than ordinary glass, the Deutsche Post Tower and its special charisma.

Climate and energy play an important role in the building, the concrete ceilings of the offices act as a sort of temperature control. Because the heat is passing through pipes in the concrete walks and concrete store heat, the concrete slab a radiator for the surrounding areas. In summer, heat is removed by night cold air to flow through the pipes.

The curtain walls provide not only much daylight, but also for more heat from the sunlight and a poorer isolation. The facades have therefore a double glass system, in which the outer glass wall just inside the glass and double wall, filled with argon for better insulation, was carried out. The glass construction of the Deutsche Post Tower is a known climate facade. The air flows have been extensively studied and monitored for total energy balance.

The glass facade of the Deutsche Post Tower can assume different colors, more than 55,000 square feet in the dark glass facade is illuminated in many colors. This gives the already impressive tower in Bonn in the dark an extra dimension and the special technique of glass facade emphasized.