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Travel Europe Germany 4 cities ready to be visited in Germany

4 cities ready to be visited in Germany

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Do you want to go in Germany, but do not know exactly what cities you should see first? Here we present among the most popular cities in Germany and what you see in each of them.


Berlin is a city with many "faces". In Berlin you will see a modern architecture and building, and then you can move quickly to a baroque palace.

In Berlin you can visit one of the most beautiful zoos in the world, and in the evening you'll be able to spend listening to one of the best and most popular orchestras worldwide.


Although the Munich was largely destroyed during the two world wars, has managed to recreate a large part of the old buildings.

At Hofbrauhaus Munich can see where you can enjoy a huge beer and then you can visit the Dachau concentration camp, where there were horrors of the Holocaust. Not a pretty sight, but you can assign more stories we know from the movies and from history books to where the disaster happened in that period.


Hamburg is the second largest after Berlin, the size and population. Here you will find the largest port in Europe, and a walk along the canals and waterways will help you understand why Hamburg is called the "Venice of the North". If you arrive in Hamburg trip to the local market rate not exceeding (Fischmarkt) or visit Reeperbahn District Merchants (Red Light District) area often described as a place where sins.

Here you will find beyond the clubs, restaurants and bars, many strip clubs, sex shops and brothels.


Located on the river Elbe, Dresden is a city lush and green, full of forests and parks. Dresden has a lot to offer on the cultural and artistic.

If you like fine art presentations, you will definitely be pleased that you have access to museums and galleries Grand Masters (Gemaldegalerie Other Meister) and Grunes Gew├Âlbe.