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Unique destinations in Brittany

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Located in the north of the country, Brittany is a holiday destination for those who want to discover the less known to France and visit a unique region. Emerald Coast and Pink Granite Coast are the main attractions of this area.

Brittany is the perfect choice for those who want to see something new and for those interested in a quiet destination in which to relax and experience the local culture. There are many medieval monuments, tourist attractions and holiday activities that offer this destination. Here are some unusual locations in Brittany, worth a visit:

Ile de Batz

One of the most beautiful islands on the coast of Brittany is Ile de Batz. In north-west of the island are several sandy beaches. Those who wish to make spectacular photos can go to the lighthouse island. You have to climb nearly 200 steps to reach the top, but the view is the best reward. In the Ile de Batz is a great garden, Jardin Exotique Delaselle Georges, who owns about 2,000 plants from around the world. On the island you can find accommodation at around 60 euros per night.

Village Douarnenez

Douarnenez is an old fishing village that was once a holiday destination frequented by artist Pablo Picasso and Max Jacob. Currently, those who come here are able to see exhibitions of paintings and sculptures. Douarnenez is a quiet destination for those who want a beach holiday. Accommodation units here have private pools, spa and sauna.

Resort Concarneau

Concarneau is a popular resort on the coast of Brittany. The resort is famous for its fishing traditions. Lovers can try more local dishes in one of the restaurants. There is even a festival, Festival des Filets Bleus, with traditional music, dance and of course fish. Those who spend their vacation here can walk the narrow streets and picturesque, full of shops and restaurants or go to the beach.