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Five reasons to visit Paris in autumn

Paris, France, Autumn and city skyline

Paris is a city that you can find at any time of year. Autumn is a season for lovers of the French capital. They will be able to discover different than usual. Here are some reasons to go to Paris in autumn.

1. The weather is suitable for walking

After the hot summer months, which turns the city on the Seine in a small oven, which in addition is also full of tourists fall temperatures bring decline of values. Maximum of thermometers will reach 24 to 25 degrees, compared to 30 during peak season period. Thus, visits to sights of Paris or cruises on the Seine are small pleasures to try.

2. Fall festivals and events in Paris

From September until the end of November in the French capital there are some events taking place:
- Autumn Festival - held on city streets, especially those that host artistic activities or exhibitions;
- White Night - held on the first Saturday of October, this event occasion for film festivals, art exhibition and various cultural events, museums are open this very night;
- Holiday wine and grapes on Montmartre - takes place in October, as an exhibition and parade of different kinds of wines and grape vines brought by the French;
- Beaujolais Nouveau and Le Grand Tasting - holiday wine tasting and champagne produced that year. The inhabitants of towns and villages go to restaurants, bars and shops come to taste the wine produced in that year, which is brought from different places in the country;
- Pret-a-Porter Paris and Paris Fashion Week - the most important fashion festivals that take place every autumn in the capital of France take place in early September;
- Chocolate Salon - Carrousel of the Louvre is organized and hosts tastings and demonstrations which have the main ingredient chocolate. Master Chocolatiers compete every year in October in creations that are then around the world.

3. It is less crowded than during the season

Autumn is also the end of the holiday for many tourists. Although Parisians returning home from vacation, the city will not be as crowded as during the summer because "summer tourists" have already left for their homes. So you can walk freely, no longer have to face the crowd at the city's sights.

4. Costs are lower for a holiday

With early September start to drop ticket prices and accommodation costs. This is because the tourist season ends, which for most people is in July and August.

If you start planning your vacation to Paris in time you can buy tickets at lower prices. In addition, you can benefit from cost reductions of accommodation - they drop by about 25%after September 1 because of the transition peak tourist season.

5. Paris is romance, especially during autumn

Paris is one of the most romantic places in the world and in autumn the city has a special glow - it was also the conclusion of the famous journalists Travel and Leisure magazine.

To feel this feeling going full with your lover by parks that "rust" and sit on the banks near the fountains. Cruises on the Seine or the time spent in a Parisian cafe can be as romantic.