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Travel Europe France Christmas markets in Europe - Angers

Christmas markets in Europe - Angers

Christmas market, Angers, France, roasted chestnuts

Angers is a city located in western France and is the historical capital of Anjou. The old city is dominated by Ch√Ęteau d'Angers silhouette, built in the early thirteenth century. Cathedral Saint-Maurice, whose construction began in the twelfth century, is adorned with two towers that make the cathedral height to 75 meters.

The original style is Romanesque and was later decorated with Gothic arches and columns. Tour Saint-Aubin, whose construction was completed in 1170 is the remaining part of an old destroyed abbey.

The festival in Angers, Soleils d'Hiver, offers a blend of delicious, mulled wine, souvenirs, gifts and entertainment. Stalls in the form of small wooden huts are home to sellers and merchandise. From here you can buy handmade wooden toys, scarves, hats, crepes, roasted chestnuts. Narrow alleys are crammed with people who are looking for the perfect gift or just a cheerful evenings with friends.

Soleils d'Hiver Festival is a gastronomic show. Here you will find perfect crepes, delicious nougat, dried sausages, fondue, pommes d'amour - baked apples with caramel and cinnamon, gingerbread, hot chocolate, cider, bagels and many other wonders of taste.

As a place celebrating Christmas without children would not have charm, a carousel waiting for the little ones. And Christmas is not Christmas without a Christmas tree and a playful lights.

Angers is a living city, with streets full of people who awaits visitors at any time of year. So, besides the Christmas market, you can visit the castle, cathedral, museums, culinary attraction points, or visit the surroundings.