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Travel Europe France Chateau de Versailles - Refinement and Color

Chateau de Versailles - Refinement and Color

Chateau de Versailles, France, Statues

When walking through the town of Versailles, not expecting any moment to change the decor street and suddenly find you in front of Royal Palace, with its gate decorated. But this is only the first surprise. Passing the gate to one of the edges of architectonic assembly, step into the beautiful gardens of Versailles.

From the moment the town simply disappears and there's no chance you remember, since you're already in another world. Eyes will crossing the immense natural area, open and seductive, reaching far over the treetops in the royal park, over the crown of statues, to horizon.

If you are fascinated by the places where once lived the French royal court, if you like to walk in huge gardens, dotted with statues and fountains, drunk with colorful flowers, and swans suspected friendly, then you should start with Chateau de Versailles.

It does not even matter what season you visit, because the entire complex, palace, gardens, Little and Grand Trianon, Queen Mill, Dairies and towers seem to have a life of their own, deeply mindful of history and refinement. In winter the frozen lake, living in the sun cast reflections sharp and cold, bathing in distance the forest lines, you see opening up silent alleys and foggy.

In summer, however, you will enjoy the cool fountains, rich in sculptures, which have their own story. Gardens are full of flowers, tastefully arranged and carefully groomed. For couples in love for children and parents come for everyone, a stroll through the gardens is the most beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

In 1623, Louis XIII built a small palace in the town of Versailles on the royal hunting areas. Finding it very attractive, the father of the Sun King, called the architect and engineer Philibert Le Roy to rebuild small building that meets assembly of the Marble Court. Later Louis XIV it takes over the restoration and beautification of the palace, demanding the support of the architect Louis Le Vau, and landscape shaper, Andre Le Notre.

This creates "Les Grands Appartements" in a new building (New Palace), to honor the glory of the Sun King and the other dependent, forming an architectural complex worthy of a royal court. Abundance Salon apartments next model (Le Salon de L'Abondance), being named after stars (Salon Diane, Mars, Mercury and the Salon d'Apollon ). That's why, back when they were building the new palace, they were known as "planets." Louis XIV moved to Versailles on 6 May 1682, together with the entire court, making the unofficial capital of the small town in France.

You will be impressed by the grandeur of the interiors, which dealt Charles Le Brun, first painter of the King. Find that it leaves nothing to chance: the ceilings painted with mythological reasons, to tapestries and furniture of precious wood, Le Brun to become involved in planning every detail in the palace. When you walk through the halls of Versailles, you realize that you have so much to see and photograph, that it is best that first visit, just to listen to explanations and to look at length, leaving reading and photographing on more lately. Inside Chateau de Versailles, filming and shooting is free for tourists with the condition, not to use flash.

You have to see this famous Gallery of Mirrors, where you painstakingly strikes by luxury and art, since the first step. Galerie des Glaces begins to be built in 1678, when Versailles became the official residence. Louis XIV Le Brun's command them to illustrate the vault of his government benefits. Besides allegorical paintings of the ceiling, impressive are the 27 windows that open towards the Royal Gardens and whomeet the 27 arches, decorated with mirrors and marble pillars separated. In 1919, the Galerie des Glaces was ratified the Treaty of Versailles that ended the First World War.

Queen's Chamber today looks like when Marie Antoinette left Versailles in 1789. Many of the ornaments and furniture are original. The Chapel Royal today still organizes classical and religious music concerts. It’s worth to see pieces of silver belonging to the collection of furniture.

Palace hosts many shows and concerts throughout the year. Tickets can be bought on the internet or at ticket offices of the palace. For example, until October, at Versailles are held lights and music performances (Les Grandes Eaux Musicales), in which visitors are able to walk through the royal gardens, listening to music and admiring the fountains after an itinerary designed by Louis XIV.