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Travel Europe France Briancon - The city for high taste

Briancon - The city for high taste

Briancon, France, Panorama view

You never had a remarkable physical condition, but always you wanted to spend a holiday at altitudes where only climbers can reach? You're like fortresses and stately architecture with a passion for military specific? You want to breathe the purest air in Europe and sees mountains from any direction you look? The best solution is Briançon.

Briançon (1326 m) is the city located at the highest altitude on the continent, in addition, was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage protected.

By plane, train or car, you have no problem to get to Briançon. Even if the city is over 1,300 meters high, highways or railroads do not bypass. The town does not hold an airport, but access can be made through the Italian city of Turin airport is at a distance of15 km.

If you worry about the sun, you should know that in Briançon's likely to get tan because even if they are in the heart of the French Alps, the city features more than 300 days a year for a climate like the Mediterranean resort of Nice on the shores. Consequently, whatever the season, you can relax in Briançon under a strong sun all year long.

If you have respiratory problems, you should know that, Briançon no shortage of numerous specialized medical centers and modern.

Over the centuries, Briançon assumed special status of city-garrison who had a duty to protect France from the Italian invasion. Marquis de Vauban, one of the most skilled French military architects begins to build here since the 18th century numerous fortifications, unique in Europe.

The traveler is impressed, first, the historic center. Surrounded by three centuries old fortification, located in the mountains all around, this whole atmosphere of the medieval city that is always at war.

Briançon favorite promenade is Gargouille fortification, which spans a canal include stretching along the small town. The architecture of this old fort three centuries is so impressive that even UNESCO representatives consider it a true work of art. Inside of you can visit many churches, fountains, sundials and other architectural elements.

Other places not to be missed are the Fortress of Salettes, built in the 18th century, d'Asfeld Bridge that connects the city to Fortress Tetes most important stronghold of the Briançon where you have an impressive view over the city and the mountains around fort Dauphin or Randouillet Fortress. All are perfectly preserved.
For lovers of hiking, Briançon is one of the main places in France where you can go on numerous hiking trails of different difficulties but adapted for amateurs and professionals tastes. Not for nothing the city has been declared by the weekly L'Equipe Magazine "best sports city French".