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Top 6 beaches in Croatia

Croatian Beaches, Kornati, Croatia, Lakes and Islands overview

Croatia is known for its clear waters, especially for the beauty of the beaches. If you want a holiday in Croatia, get the list of the most beautiful beaches you can visit, depending on preferences, but also on where you are going to get.

1. Plitvice

Although not exactly a beach, but a sequence of waterfalls at Plitvice can still bathing in one of the lakes. Here you will be impressed by the combination of exotic forests and waterfalls that form continuous rainbows. Plitvice is one of eight national parks in Croatia, but it is the only natural wonder, included in World Heritage List (UNESCO) in 1979.

2. Kornati

Kornati is another national park in Croatia, which impresses with its beautiful beaches and the incredible scenery.

3. Krka

Krka is an artistic phenomenon, and includes waterfalls. Once you reach the park will have to go for a few minutes to a bus that takes you above the waterfalls. From here you can only walk or you can climb into a sea vessel, which will tour lakes, and that takes you close to the waterfalls.

4. The channel Limski

Limski Channel is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Istria, with cliffs reaching 150 meters high.

5. Mljet

For many people, the most beautiful island in the Adriatic Sea is Mljet, where the sea blends harmoniously with the forest and rich vegetation.

6. Elafiti

Elafiti is one of the few sandy beaches in Croatia. This is a small archipelago in the north of Dubrovnik, on the Adriatic. The island has about 30 square kilometers and a population of 850 people. So, is a very quiet area, perfect if you want just relaxing.