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Travel Europe Croatia Golden Horn - perfect beach for the end of season

Golden Horn - perfect beach for the end of season

Golden Horn, Croatia, Europe, Aerial view

Only 300 meters from a rocky, south island Brac in Croatia, nature has endowed with a beach area Adriatic extraordinary, that locals call Zlatni Rat, which translates as the Golden Horn.

Clean sand and crystal waters attract tourists from many parts to this green space, the end of the season which gives additional charm due to warm currents that charm still remembers summer days.

Golden Horn is a tongue of sand, lying to the open sea, a sea that grows so slowly in depth, that those who cannot swim can soar without danger to the relatively large distance.

Marine atmosphere combined with the smell of pine and resin from pine forest, overlooking the nearby mountains. Tradition has sent secret miraculous effects of decoction, made by boiling pine cones these and tourists Keep up do not take at least some samples unfairly harsh nature.

Who crosses the forest, is surprised to find her deep in the ruins of a Roman villa, which probably belonged to any patrician or Roman general, since it was building with a swimming pool, full-fledged.

It seems that since then, the highlights were all villa and pool. Furthermore no because the car were not invented. Interesting pool is preserved today as well, so you could bathe in it if someone would fill it with water.

At the edge of golf neighborhood, located outside the Golden Horn, lays the oldest nudist beach for the Mediterranean area, if not in Europe.

Maybe its age and uninterrupted functioning can be explained largely by way of a protected nature indiscretions, bordered it with rocks and pine trees.

As the eye can see it is only the beach and sea.

On the plane, see how sea deepens gradually, so as not to scare those who do not know how to swim.

After the beach, relax in the pine forest is refreshing. Since the beach produces hungry entrepreneurs have posted at the entrance to the forest, small premises consumption. Great restaurants are not allowed, not to spoil the atmosphere.

Sea currents and winds, sandy peninsula configuration change from one year to another, but not abolished. It lasts from Roman times.

This is heaven for small boats.

Larger boats swarmed in front of the resort, whose villas and hotels are hidden in the dense forest of pine trees.