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Travel Europe Croatia 4 tourist attractions in Zagreb

4 tourist attractions in Zagreb

Croatia Holiday, Zagreb, Croatia, Ban Jelacic Square statue front view

Capital of Croatia is in the northwest of the country, along the Sava River, at the foot of the mountain Medvednica. The city is considered one of the most beautiful in Croatia and a leading European metropolis. Thanks to its small size, Zagreb can be crossed on foot. Divided into two areas, Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and Donji Grad (Lower Town), the capital abounds in monuments, churches, museums, parks, shops, restaurants, theaters and cinemas.

Here are some of the main tourist attractions in Zagreb:

1 Cathedral Marijina Uznesenja

Assumption Cathedral (Marijina Uznesenja) is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Zagreb. Building on the current site has been a place of worship since ancient times. Current building dates from the late thirteenth century. Over time, it has undergone various changes. Katedra Marijina Uznesenja became an emblem of the city thanks to its two towers neo-Gothic style.

2 Maksimir Park

Located in the east of Zagreb, in a nineteenth-century oak forest, Maksimir was opened in 1794 and is the first public promenade in Europe. Thus, Maksimir, founded by Bishop Maksimilian Vrhovec, is the oldest European parks. The park is adorned with monuments, pavilions and buildings built in different styles. Also here is the zoo.

3 Ban Jelacic Square

Ban Jelacic is the main city square. Located in the historic Zagreb Upper Town, Bana Jelacic is situated in a pedestrian area. Surrounded by buildings with great architecture, the market is one of the points of the meeting and a major metropolis.

4 Lotrscak Tower

Lotrscak Kula is a tower built in the thirteenth century, which was part of the city fortifications in eastern walls. Tourists climb the tower Lotrscak to enjoy the view over the city. At the top of the tower is an exhibition and a souvenir shop.