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Christmas markets in Europe - Bruxelles

Christmas market, Bruxelles, Belgium, stand

Where to start when you want to talk about Bruxelles? From history, that starts at the beginning of the thirteenth century? The present mixture of people and nationalities? From its importance as a center of European politics? From its great architecture? Or its culinary wonders?

Perhaps the event that include them all is the Christmas Market. Stretched nearly 2 km through the center of town, houses the market stands, shaped like wooden huts with roofs, where you can find handicrafts, toys, food, drinks, souvenirs but above all creates a unique ambiance and an atmosphere of celebration.

A true festival, Plaisirs d'hiver - Winterpret lures you with waffles, mussels and fries, beer, chocolate, and with dishes from other parts of Europe: italian panettone, english pudding or scandinavian glögg. From the stands smile Santa Claus toys with ruddy faces or cute reindeers, handmade wooden toys or plush toys.

Beautifully colored globes wait to be bought and hung in a rich Christmas tree. A waterfall of lights spills over wooden huts, on the facades of neighboring buildings or in trees on the roadside.

The big wheel is adorned with 18,000 playful lights. The 35 meters long slope for sledges competing with 200 meters long skating rink. And if all this were not enough, shows and festivals for children and adults are prepared to delight locals and tourists. Although it has a long history, Christmas Market in Bruxelles is perhaps the most complex and original.