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Travel Asia Japan Holiday in Japan - 4 valuable advices for families with children

Holiday in Japan - 4 valuable advices for families with children

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A family holiday in Japan can be a unique experience from that you can have an unforgettable memories. But the differences in culture and lifestyle could give you some unpleasant surprises. For example, you know what you should expect from hotels in the Rising Sun Country? Information beforehand will help you get a quiet holiday in the company of loved ones.

1. Keep cash at hand

Japan is a country where most transactions are in cash, not credit card. Thus, you will notice, once you reach your destination, the city abounds no ATMs or in shops where it is accepted as payment.

For you and your family do not have some troubles, make sure you have a sufficient amount of cash to you. Moreover, the crime rate is very low in Japan. Therefore not be appropriate to worry regarding your safety and family.

2. Take the advantages of family pack offers

Big stores in Japan are designed to serve the interests of the family. So if your family includes a junior few months, is that here you will find every toilet tables for changing diapers, and especially small room for mothers who want to breastfeed.

3. Be careful to stay in hotels

Usually, hotels rooms in Japan are small and not cheap. Moreover, be prepared to pay the room rate per person, not per room! Also, know that it is likely to be forced to rent a cot for your little one a few months ago.

4. Add to shopping cart a bag, and a baby-carrier

When you have a baby that is still use the old trolley rides, do not hesitate to put in the bag and this handy, but also accompanied by a series of alternatives, sling or baby's port.

Your shopping cart will prove useful to step slowly walks through Japanese cities. But you can always rely on the usefulness of a sling or a port on the baby, especially when you see the need to travel by public transport: Note that not all stations are equipped with elevators that you allow convenient use of the trolley.