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Where do you find cheap accommodation in Jamaica

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Jamaica is an ideal holiday destination for those who want to have fun that want to swim in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and want to find a culture and a lifestyle completely different from anything you have seen before.

Moreover, a holiday in Jamaica is not necessarily expensive, if you can take advantage of offers of accommodation, this special exotic destination.

Here are some suggestions for affordable accommodation for an unforgettable holiday in Jamaica!

All inclusive hotels

These types of hotel are very common in Jamaica, which is why their offers are very good and attractive, regardless of the year. This hotel looks great, both inside and outside and meet tourists with all kinds of promotions and bonuses to stay.

B & B

B & B's or bed & breakfast type accommodation is available in all parts of Jamaica. B & B's are aimed at people for whom accommodation is a minor detail and want to have available only a bed, a roof overhead and possibly a meal first thing in the morning.

Although the B & B's you will find the conditions for 5 star luxury, they are not typical, you warrant that you will still enjoy a decent room, simple, where you can feel safe.

Before leaving home, find reviews about these places, check prices and make sure that the final amounts include all taxes.


Are slightly more spacious and attractive facilities than a B & B, inns, but having a small disadvantage: they are far away from the famous beaches in Jamaica, at least compared to other accommodation options.

However, they are clean and they are very close to many restaurants with traditional food at more than reasonable prices.

Special offers for groups

If you go on holiday with a group of friends and a few family members, you will find that many hotels and inns offer discounts for groups large enough. In addition, children up to 12 years, most often free of charge.