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Travel America Costa Rica The Paradise stopped for a snack - Costa Rica

The Paradise stopped for a snack - Costa Rica

Costa Rica, America, Hotel presentation

Costa Rica has long become one of the most attractive destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Over one million tourists visit this country every year because of the many attractions, natural wonders but also isolation from the crowd. On this territory are dozens of wildlife preserves and a biological diversity that includes landscapes, fauna and flora unprecedented.

The nearly five million inhabitants of this country have an average lifespan of 78 years, and the capital San Jose, is one of Latin America's cities with the highest level of quality of life.

Lands of this country have been explored by Christopher Columbus even at that time the country is populated only about 400,000 Indians. In 1524 begins Spanish conquest, who was rebuffed in the form of provincial administration. Costa Rica achieved independence in 1821, after which it is absorbed in two years by the Mexican Empire. In 1848 becomes a republic and knows (except the military dictatorship of Tomas Guardia 1870-1882) from then until now one of the most democratic government in Latin America.

In 1987, the President, Oscar Arias Sanchez won the Nobel Prize for Peace, because of involvement in civil wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador. The country is also remarkable by exports of coffee, bananas or beef, but especially for tourism.

Very important in this country, is food. The food is simple but consistent. Although spices are used not spicy foods of Mexico are similar to those that are cooked in large pots and flavors are well blended. Most dishes are outstanding, "Gallo pinto" - a mixture of rice, beans, cilantro and onion and "Casado" - a preparation of rice, beans, meat or fish served with salad and bananas planted on the grill.

Country's main tourist attractions are:

- Capital San Jose area with a specific architecture, which includes places and objects, such as: Teatro Nacional, Legislative Assembly Building, the Metropolitan Cathedral, National Museum or the Museum Pre-Columbian Gold;
- The town of Cartago (the first capital in 1563) with the Basilica, and tours of Colonial Church of Orosi Valley;
- An active volcano Arenal, whose lava can be seen during nights with clear skies;
- Liberia historical center with important buildings in the Calle Real;
- Centro Neotropico Sapapiqui in Northern Lowlands - a superb museum of indigenous culture by presenting examples of pottery, weapons, clothing, artifacts or even videos;
- Submission by the turtle eggs - a phenomenon unique in the Caribbean;
- Zoo Ave - animals, birds, creatures and rare, unique, specific or unusual, including: jaguar, tapir, snakes or parrots;
- Tortuguero National Park, which can be explored by boat - a rain forest is disposed on several levels and ecosystems. Here live a lot of animals and birds, among which stand out lazy, especially monkeys and turtles;
- Manuel Antonio National Park - probably the most visited attractions;
- Forest Green Mountain covered with clouds - home to more than 3,000 species of flora and fauna turn;
- Drake Bay and Corcovado National Park – are areas of ecotourism;
- Rincón de la Vieja Volcano - the area around the volcano with waterfalls and hot springs or mud volcanoes;
- Cahuita National Park - a park of coral;
- Greece and Sarchi cities - towns near the capital, located on the mountain, Tico representative for arts and culture;

To these special attractions it can be added beautiful beaches that stretch for miles of yellow sand, embroidered palm trees and tropical forests. Most notable of these are: Guanacaste - Avellanas, Azul, Gigante, Papagayo, Potrero, Santa Elena, Barigona, Bejuco, Branca, Brasilito, Bist Buena, Puntarenas - Baru, Cabuya, Carmen, Cocalito, Montezuma, Malpais, Santa Teresa ; Limon - Puerto Viejo, Cahuita, Bonita, Boca En Matina.

For surfers, Costa Rica is a paradise. Tamarindo and Langosta beaches are ideal for professional surfers and Jaco and Hermosa beaches are for beginner surfers.

Between December and April, the climate is dry and the rest of the year is wet. But it differs depending on altitude.

Among the famous hotels include: JW Marriott Guancaste, Intercontinental, Saint Jose Palacio Barcelo Playa Tambor, Playa Langosta Barcelo, Barcelo Palma Real.

Considering that this country is "equipped" with Pacific, Caribbean, tropical jungles, mountains, volcanoes, beaches, unique flora and fauna, history, culture, architecture and especially the peace and relaxation, there is no need for any conclusion.