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Travel Africa South Africa South Africa - safari at the end of autumn

South Africa - safari at the end of autumn

South Africa, Africa, Cape Town stadium far view

If you like exciting and draws you experience everything to do with nature, a trip to the African state suits.

South Africa offers tourists a natural experience; the main beauties belong to the flora, fauna and landscape. Here you will find caves, passes, leopards, buffalo, and exotic plants. Jacaranda trees bloom in October, their scented petals uploading the air with a pleasant smell.

In National Parks can do a safari, as happens in Kruger Park. Also, you can do a cruise in a natural reserve. An important tourist attraction in South Africa Blyde River Canyon is. It is the first three places in the world in size and offers one of the most spectacular views.

In Knysna find lush forests, bays and lagoons. There are sports like cycling, kayaking, parasailing, surfing etc. In Cape Town you can climb on Table Mountain for a dream view of the entire area. If you go to lift rotary, you have a view over the city to 360 degrees.

In Cape Point meet two marine ecosystems. You can see colonies of seals, penguins, marine birds. If you need to make contact again with civilization, visit the city of Pretoria, the capital of South Africa. It also called Jacaranda Town, thanks to the trees of the same name. In Cathedral Square, you have to see the Parliament building and the court building.

It is good to know:
- Capital. Pretoria, the administrative capital, Cape Town, the legislative capital.
- Climate. Inside is warm and humid state summer drought and mild winter. On the west coast is arid due to the Namib Desert. In east and northeast humidity is higher, due to the monsoon. The Cap region, climate is Mediterranean with winter rains.
- The official currency. 1 South African rand = 0.141179 U.S. Dollars
- Water. It is best to drink bottled water in South Africa.