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Seychelles Islands - Jewels of the Indian Ocean

Seychelles Islands, Africa, Landscape

Seychelles Islands are known as the "Jewels of the Indian Ocean". The 115 islands that form the archipelago are stretching over an area of approx. 400,000 kmĀ².
Vasco da Gama is the one who discovered them in the early sixteenth century, but they remained uninhabited until 1609, the arrival of the British East India Company. They have become a paradise for pirates until 1756 when they came under French administration. The islands became independent in 1976 and experienced an impressive economic rise, mainly due to tourism.

Victoria is the capital and most important islands are Mahe, La Digue, Praslin, Silhouette, Bird, Fregate, Desroches. The climate is equatorial with temperatures between 26-29 C, with tropical rains in January and February, but warm and dry from May to October.

The kitchen combines several culinary styles, especially the English, French, Chinese and Indian. It is based on consistent and spicy foods, eaten with fruit, fish and vegetables. The most common foods on the menu are pork or chicken, fish, octopus, shellfish, coconut milk, turtle, palm wine, sugar cane liquor.

Like most exotic islands, beaches are distinguished by buckets with sand, palm trees and amazing vegetation. Accommodation in hotels, bungalows or houses will provide various forms of entertainment and relaxation for tourists, including tours and unique expedition.
The main attractions for tourists are:
- Mahe Island, with the market, botanical garden, colonial-style villas, plantations of cinnamon and vanilla or imitation of London's Big Ben;
- Praslin Island, is considered a world heritage site and is distinguished by twin palm trees with coconuts;
- Aldabra, the second largest atoll in the world, is home to over 150,000 giant land tortoises;
- La Digue is considered the fishers paradise. There are beautiful landscapes, beautiful beaches, old mansions or vanilla plantations;
- Natural Reserve of Cousin, Seychelles toc-toc birds hosting or white swallow, a rare and impressive beauty;
- Bird and Arid Islands are home to millions of seabirds and swallows black;
- Diving, water sports, fishing, boating or other activities-like structures, the archipelago's islands are ideal for all of it. Spectacular landscapes, lush vegetation, rocks, tunnels, caves or underwater land, birds, fish and other elements of nature, makes vacations into paradise.