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Jewel of East Africa - Kenya

Kenya, Africa, African Lions Masai Mara

The name "jewel of East Africa" attributed to Kenya is slightly incomplete because in terms of natural tourist attractions, Kenya is a paradise. It takes more vacations to visit the beautiful beaches, magnificent wildlife, coral reefs, savannahs, mountains, parks, reserves, vineyards, valleys, historic monuments. Besides peace, relaxation or adventure made available for these "features" that nature has given Kenya can be seen many animals, plants and birds in their habitats in safari expeditions.

In Kenya live more than 40 tribes, each with its own language, culture and tradition. Among the largest tribes include Kikuru, Luyia, Luo and especially the Masai, whose inhabitants still live a semi-nomadic life based on sheep and cattle. Swahili culture, located along the coast, has prospered over the years due to trade with dhow boats, between Arabs and Africans.
Although it seems strange to an African country, the locals are very friendly, and trade and tourism are much better organized than in some European countries.

Hot weather is most favorable to tourism. Since the country is located in the southern hemisphere, the season takes place during the European winter (December-February).Then there is a massive migration of exotic birds to the lakes area. March and early European summer, there is a rainy season, more peaceful in terms of congestion, but equally enjoyable for the holidays. During this period prices drop a lot compared to those in the tourist season.

Habits are divided according to the alternating or combining with the British Muslim influences. English speakers will handle smoothly also on outside tourist areas.
Given the pastoral tradition, Kenyan cuisine is based on meat and dairy. With the economic development of the country have developed more branches of agriculture, especially that of cereals. Kenya's main product is a kind of corn porridge with milk, which is served with meat, vegetables or local greens called "ugali". Another specialty is "Sukuma wiki", a mixture of chopped spinach, fried with onions, tomatoes, peppers and leftovers from other meals, seasoned with salt and pepper. For skeptics, there are restaurants that serve international dishes most popular being Asian menus. The main drinks are beer and traditional corn or coconut wine.

The main attractions are:

- Lake Nakuru National Park - with thousands of pink flamingos, sanctuary for rhinos, leopards, acacia trees;
- Masai Mara National Reserve - is distinguished by constant movement of two million zebras and other wild animals, which spend their time between June and September. Here there is the largest population of lions from Kenya;
- Mombasa - is distinguished by historic atmosphere Arabic, narrow and crooked, light and sound show at Fort Jesus;
- Bamburi Quarry Nature Park – with the legendary and impressive butterfly farm;
- Mamba Crocodile Village - with numerous giant crocodiles;
- Ngomongo villages - a comprehensive cultural park that live in presents 11 of the Kenyan tribes;
- Nairobi, the capital - here one can admire the ethnographic and archaeological exhibits of National Museum of Kenya, Karen Blixen Museum in the suburb or Karen;
- Nairobi National Park - includes wild meadows full of wild animals;
- Lamu Town - the historic Swahili town, situated on Lamu Island, which contains numerous mosques and Arab buildings, impressive construction and decoration. Here is the Swahili House Museum, Museum Lamu and Manda and Pate islands nearby are ruins of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries;
- Close to Watamu, Gedi town - there are preserved ruins of a thirteenth-century Swahili town or village forest Arabuko-Sokoke and Mambrui;
- Amboseli Park - you can admire the snowy peaks of Kilimanjaro with they reach a height of about 6,000 m;
- The mountains have great cities as Nyeri and Nyahururu, with attractions such as waterfalls and Murangaa Thomsons;
- Laikipia Plateau – is an impressive conservation center that includes various sanctuaries for elephants, antelopes, lions, rhinos and elephants. There are spaces for luxury accommodation in the mansions of former farms;
- Ice skating rink Solar - the country's first ice rink opened in 2005 in Panarea hotel in Nairobi;
- Coral Coast - includes the most popular resorts (Bamburi, Kikambala, Kilifi, Malindi, Nyala) for diving, water skiing, swimming, surfing or tanning. On the south coast beach is famous Diani Beach, which stretches 10 km of white sand.