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Travel Africa Egypt New Year Holiday 2013 in Egypt - Part 1

New Year Holiday 2013 in Egypt - Part 1

New Year Holiday, Cairo, Egypt, Cairo University

The pyramids and medieval bazaars, to natural beauty and vibrant contemporary culture, Egypt is a country filled with captivating treasures.
Pyramids of Giza - the only survivor of the seven ancient wonders - Luxor and Karnak Temples, Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel tombs of Egypt have delighted visitors for centuries. Think of Egypt, appear in front of us exotic places, pyramids, pharaohs, treasures Tutankhamen and the image of a mysterious civilization, long gone.

Known as the largest city in the Islamic world, Cairo, with its ancient monuments and medieval mores, develop into a modern cosmopolitan city. What amazes the man in Cairo is a mixture of new and old, from ancient times, continuing with the medieval and modern finishing, from businessmen in suits, the locals dressed in traditional costumes.

Useful information about Egypt

- The official currency is the Egyptian pound (LE) with subdivision piastres (PST) (1 EUR = aprox.6, 7 LE). In Egypt you can enter any freely convertible currency. Money can be changed at hotel, exchange offices or banks. In most hotels and shops can use credit cards.
- In Egypt, tap water can be used for dental hygiene. Drinking bottled water is recommended.
- For tourists visa is required. For visa is mandatory to submit passport, valid at least 6 months.
- During the stay in Egypt recommend light clothing, cotton / flax, comfortable shoes, sun hat, sunglasses and clothing for cool evenings thicker.
- Time zone corresponds to GMT +02.00
- Except for areas where military targets are located, bridges, ports, photographing or use of cameras is permitted for outdoor photos. Photographing or filming is prohibited in museums and royal tombs
- In Cairo, taxi is the most convenient means of transport. Taxis painted white - black are the property of the municipality and although machines are equipped with charging rate is negotiated before the journey.
- Egyptian cuisine is characterized by dishes such as Ful Medames, Kushari and Molokhia, but it resembles and Eastern Mediterranean dishes such as kebab and falafel.
- The greatest influence in Egypt is Islam, many customs and beliefs are related to the religion. People are generally friendly and hospitable and expect reciprocity from the visitors. Smoking is very common.
Tipping is a way of life in Egypt. If someone else made for a little effort, expect to receive a tip. This usually is not an obligation, but leave a good impression.

What to visit in Egypt? Activities in Egypt


Admire the medieval atmosphere of Cairo. Main attractions include Midan Hussein market, with teahouses and imposing Sayyidna Al-Hussein mosque, Al-Azhar mosque and the oldest university in the world, Museum of Islamic Art and impressive medieval fortress.


It is situated on the Red Sea, 500 km from Cairo and is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Egypt. The sea is here bordered by beaches covered with fine sand. In some places penetrate large coral reefs, whose beauty underwater diving lovers delight. Hurghada provides ideal conditions for bathing and various water sports because of pleasant climate and the fact that no sea water temperature rarely falls below than 22 ° C.