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Travel Africa Egypt Exotic holiday on the Egyptian seaside - Hurghada

Exotic holiday on the Egyptian seaside - Hurghada

Hurghada, Egypt, Scuba diving

Hurghada is one of the most important city-resort on the Red Sea. Modern hotels, nightlife well developed, mild climate and rich underwater world make Hurghada, a permanent holiday destination.

Once a fishing village, Hurghada has become in the last 20 years one of the most famous resorts on the Egyptian Red Sea coast. The main advantage is the area of sports and aquatic activities, yachting, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc. The city was founded in the early twentieth century. Thanks to investments made in the area, the resort is known today as international aquatic center.

Due to the warm climate, Hurghada is an ideal holiday destination all year round. One of the most beautiful experiences which they offer to tourists is the diving in coral reefs populated by colorful fish, some of them rare species. An offer of snorkeling in the Red Sea, have a small price compared to experience the underwater world. Equipment is included.
For those who do not want to dive, marine flora and fauna can be seen from glass-bottomed boats or even submarine with transparent walls.

Hurghada is a holiday destination suitable for a wide range of tourists. Water sports are for lovers diving, nightlife attracts young amateur entertainment, while lush gardens and quiet areas of the hotels are ideal for families with children but also for elderly.
Instead, the resort lacks the cultural and historical attractions, but this is understandable, being a fairly new city. But you can make trips departing from Hurghada to Cairo or Luxor areas such as.

As everywhere, most shops, pubs and restaurants are along the main road of the city (Sekalla). Other shops you find along the beach. Almost everywhere, the practice of negotiation is present, which requires some effort from the tourists, because traders can be persistent. You can visit the Aquarium, located on the seafront and Marine Museum, in the north of the city.

Besides the beauty of water and warm climate, attracts tourists Hurghada nightlife lovers.Offer nightlife is diverse, represented by the numerous clubs and bars.

From Hurghada you can make excursions to nearby resorts: Safaga, El Gouna, Soma Bey, Marsa Alam, Al-Quiser. One of the most popular trips are made the Hurghada is Giftun Island. From Hurghada to organize day trips to Luxor. The duration of such trips is about 15hours, and the price is relatively modest. Those who spend a holiday resort on the Red Sea can make a day trip to Cairo. Also the Hurghada is departure, and the whole trip takes about17 hours, about the same price.
One of the most popular holiday activities is safaris to Bedouin settlements. A trip to Egypt is specific and allows to tourists to test at least one existing between the various varieties of desert in Egypt and to admire a sunset in a Bedouin village, where dining.

Hurghada is a functional year-round holiday destination. However, if you go in the months when the sea is still cold, (such as February, March), you should check if the hotel beach is equipped with windbreaks.