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Abu Simbel Temple

Abu Simbel, Nubia, Egypt, Temple of Ramsses II enterance

Abu Simbel Temple was built Ramses II (1279-1213 i.Hr) in ancient Nubia, today the border between Egypt and Sudan, wanting to demonstrate power and divine nature. It is actually a complex of two temples, the most likely little before the big finish, and is dedicated to Ramses's favorite wife, Nefertari. Four huge statues are flanking the huge entrance. The temple is situated facing the east. In the niche above the entrance is situated Re-Horakhty, an embodiment of the sun god. Alignment of the temple is such that, twice a year the sun rises in the sanctuary seems to illuminate the statues of Ptah, Amun-Re, Ramses II and Re-Horakhty.