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"Robert Peary was the first to reach North Pole"

Unlike the famous race in the conquest of the South Pole, between Robert Scott (1868 - 1912) and Roald Amundsen (1872 - 1928), in the case of the North Pole is needed an initiate to name the person who first reached it. But it certainly there was not Edward Robert Peary (1856 - 1920), which he wanted to reach the North Pole on April 6, 1909 along with his assistant Matthew Henson (1886-1955) and four Inuit. The data were derived from measurements of at the level techniques of those times, and daily claim submission was questionable. And there were dubious data from Frederick Cook (1865 - 1940) that would have reached the North Pole a year before of Peary, and Richard Evelyn Byrd (1888 - 1957) who claims he has traveled to North Pole in flight on 9 May 1926.The first people arrived, with the aircraft Norge, on May 12, 1926 were probably Roland Amundsen, Umberto Nobile (1885-1978) and his crew. This does not mean that Peary, Henson, Cook and Byrd did not have as much importance in polar research.
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