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"Himalayas is the largest mountain chain in the world"

The highest mountain is the central Atlantic chain. It lies just to the point of the North American hemisphere and the EeurAsian, is part of Central Oceanic chain, with all its ramifications of 65 000 km. It is true; you can see a small part of it. Only the highest peak which rises from the sea is the island of Iceland. Andes Mountains are the most stretched; with a length of 8000 km and a width of 800 km. Himalayas have a length of only 2500 km and width of about 280 km. But they have the highest peak, if the count would start from the ground up. In this category, and Kea volcano in Hawaii Mauma which rises to 10,205 m from the base of which only 4205 above sea level, compared to Mount Everest which is 8848 m.
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