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"Divan is a piece of furniture"

What concerns however Goethe (1749-1832) when he titled his collection of poems "The West-Eastern Divan"? In Persia, the divan was originally an archive or chancery. With time, however, came to be called the space where the leader was fulfilling his public duties. Depending on who presided, it could be more of a reception room, a court or a small office where they had access only his closest advisers. The Ottoman Empire was not only named the conference room of the State Council, but the board itself was a divan. Comfortable furniture in the East, were part of the decor, which makes the early nineteenth century, the word 'divan' was awarded upholstered sofa - in Europe. But Goethe, who was an erudite, knew the divan in the originally sense as the archive of West-Eastern wisdom.
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