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"Lilith was the first wife of Adam"

In Jewish mythology; Lilith is Adam's first wife, who was ousted because she was not willing to be faithful to her husband. The two different genesis of the Bible have been interpreted so that it is possible that Adam had one wife first equal with him, then later to have been created Eve from his rib. For this reason, Lilith is female religious representatives. Hebrew scholars, such as Pichas Lapide (1922-1997), considered to have been mistranslated "one rib" - would be fairer to say that Eve was created from part of Adam's body and that it would be equal that value to him. A genesis of a subordinate, it says that it was created from Adam's feet. Lilith also comes from the culture of Mesopotamia, where he was one of the most powerful ladies. In Hebrew, her name means "ghost".
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