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"Tyrannosaurus Rex was the most dangerous dinosaur"

Certainly he looks fierce and it was a carnivore. Researchers are not sure if was killing, or fed with the corpse. His dentition with 60 teeth supports the theory that he was a hunter, and small vertebrae and not too slim body, giving to understand that use their stature to hunt small booty. Most likely is that they did both ways. In fact, in 1996 it was discovered that was not the biggest carnivore of all time, even if they measure 10 meters in height. Spinozaurus, who lived in North Africa, reached up to 17 meters high. Had strong limbs that grab their prey, and a narrow snout that it used primarily for fishing. On land, however, was rather a corpse-consuming than an active predator. The two species of dinosaurs have not met ever since Tyrannosaurus lived in America 30 million years later.
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