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"Countries want to distinguish between them by national anthems"

This is not true for a song that no one knows exactly who wrote it, but was first officially presented in 1845 in honor of British King George II (1683-1760). It is called "God Save the Queen/King" in Commonwealth and recognized as the national anthem. The same role it had in the German empire, with the title "Heil dir im Siegerkranz" (from 1871 to 1918).Naturally, people preferred "Rule Britannia" respectively "Die Wacht am Rhein". In the U.S. was circulated with the title "My country, this of thee" until 1931 along with "Star -Spangled Banner", and in Switzerland has been the official anthem until 1961 titled "Heil Helvetia". In Liechtenstein there is still the national anthem and begins with "Oben am jungen Rhein".
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